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Re: europa && elara - up and healthy

Howdy guys,

I have a feeling that nobody has been using Elara and Europa since April.

Any idea who nowadays is in charge of ARM builds / machines / accounts?
Are these machines still needed then?

Please let me know how things are these days...

Woody Suwalski

Here was my last email from 30 Apr 2005....

Martin Schulze wrote:
Woody Suwalski wrote:
Elara and Europa are up - please let me know what is needed now...

Wow!  Thanks a lot.

I have installed 2 new hard disks, reimaged with current Debian ARM unstable + 2.6.11 kernel.

James, please say a word about this.  Should europa and elara be
revived and put into the buildd network again?

No buildd account e.t.c have been created (as I do not know what accounts / users/ passwords are needed)

The root passwd is as before (please let me know who is supposed to know it...)

I guess James should know.



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