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Re: europa && elara - up and healthy

Riku Voipio wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 10:35:32AM -0500, Woody Suwalski wrote:
> > Any idea who nowadays is in charge of ARM builds / machines / accounts?
> > Are these machines still needed then?

Still the same person as far as I know.

> Most urgently,arm port is missing a developer accessible machine. Basicly
> it would have sarge/etch/sid chroots debian developers could log into to
> debug problems in their packages.
> For buildd's, I don't know, maybe a separate security buildd is needed. 
> In general the movement is to "two fast buildd's" instead of army of
> buildd's.  

Currently, security is built on toffee which runs fine.

For europa and elara, a word from James (former buildd admin and europa+elara
admin) is required before the machines can be used for anything else.  I don't
like hijacking machines only because he doesn't respond.



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