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how to get dpkg to work from scratch?


I have an ARM Embedded Linux filesystem where I want to add debian
packages. How could I install dpkg from scratch so that I can use it
to install packages?

I extracted dpkg 1.10 with its dependant packages. (dselect and ncurses)

I have a /usr/lib/dpkg directory with some files, and I created a
symlink to /var/lib/dpkg.

when I type:

dpkg -i somepackage.deb, 

it fails with not finding the updates file. 

I dont care about dependencies as I am already aware of them for the
packages I want to install. I simply want dpkg to install the files in
the right places and perhaps run the install scripts in the package as
what -i option does.

Could you give me the instructions on how to install dpkg to work properly?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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