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Re: how to get dpkg to work from scratch?

On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 12:21:03PM -0800, Bahadir Balban wrote:
> I have an ARM Embedded Linux filesystem where I want to add debian
> packages. How could I install dpkg from scratch so that I can use it
> to install packages?
> I extracted dpkg 1.10 with its dependant packages. (dselect and ncurses)
> I have a /usr/lib/dpkg directory with some files, and I created a
> symlink to /var/lib/dpkg.
> when I type:
> dpkg -i somepackage.deb, 
> it fails with not finding the updates file. 
> I dont care about dependencies as I am already aware of them for the
> packages I want to install. I simply want dpkg to install the files in
> the right places and perhaps run the install scripts in the package as
> what -i option does.
> Could you give me the instructions on how to install dpkg to work properly?
> Your help will be greatly appreciated.

If you have a linux system already on it, try using debootstrap.  It
just needs perl and wget as far as I remember and can create a new dir
containing a mostly ready debian install.  If uname -m doesn't return
armv3 or armv4 it might take a bit of work to convince dpkg to work
unfortunately.  I had to patch and recompile dpkg to add arv5tel to the
list of architectures that map to arm in one of the dpkg files.  After
that the debootstrap worked fine.

Len Sorensen

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