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Kernel compilation

I have a problem that I hope someone can answer.

I have successfully compiled the linux kernel with arm-linux-gcc-3.3.2 cross compiler so that it could be used on an XSCALE (ixp425) platform. Host = i686 with Debian Sarge


The steps that I do are pretty straight forward

  • unpack the arm-linux-gcc and set the path
  • unpack the linux file
  • change the Makefile in linux directory (ARCH = arm , CROSS_COMPILE = arm-linux-)
  • make distclean
  • make  ixp4xx_defconfig
  • make oldconfig
  • make (fixed some errors)
  • make zImage


I now have a zImage (1197 kb) in my linux/arch/arm/boot. The thing is that I want to copy the image to a compact flash card.

I have heard that there is another file that is needed to be copied as well (ramdisk.gz ).

I have also seen that sometimes the file is called initrd.bin.

The thing is that I don't know where to find this file in my directories - or if they should be downloaded from someplace.

 Does anyone know how I can get these files in a very simple way




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