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More Netwinder install problems, bug in installer?

As suggested in the earlier thread, thanks by the way, I tried the
TFTP install on my Netwinder. First a couple of comments on the
install for future reference, then some questions.

The install worked almost like suggested in the manual. I was using
DHCP and ran into one quirk: during the DHCP queries it appears that
the NW resets the kerntftpserver setting. To get around that I did one
attempt of "boot diskless" to get an address, then switched the
netconfig_eth0 to "flash", set the kerntftpserver and the boot worked.
I also had to use cmdappend root=/dev/ram, which isn't documented
in the manual but I could guess that I needed that from descriptions 

After the DHCP adjustments I got the debian-installer (sarge) to boot 
over TFTP. However, I cannot reboot after the base install. I noticed
a couple of things that seem not quite right. Maybe someone can point
me in the right direction:

a) At the end of the base install there's a window with NetTTrom settings
for the new kernel. I accepted the standard partitioning where I get a boot, 
main and swap partition It says to use /dev/hda1 for the kernel device and 
/vmlinuz for the kernel file. I think it should be either /dev/hda2 and 
or /dev/hda1 and the full name of the kernel file, right?

b) Before I rebooted I opened a second console and checked what the installer
did. In the temporary file system of the installer, which booted fine, I saw 
vmlinuz-netwinder... kernel file. However, on the disk (/target/boot) I saw a
different kernel file, evidently for the risc station 
(vmlinuz-riscstation...). When
I set the kernel file and kernel device so that NetTTrom was able to find the
kernel file I just got an immediate black screen and it seemed like the NW 
powered off. Shouldn't the installer put the -netwinder kernel on the disk? Or
should the -riscstation kernel work as well?

c) Just for my education, could someone tell me (or point me to a FAQ) how
the installer decides where to get the kernel? I gave the installer an FTP
server and a distribution but I didn't tell it to use ARM or netwinder. Is 
hardcoded in the installer?

When I get back to the office on Monday I'll try the woody installer, maybe 
have more luck. To answer a few obvious questions that might be asked:

1) I downloaded the installer from the sarge-arm-netwinder directory and at 
the end
I did get a screen with Netwinder-specific info so I think I got the right 

2) I selected "testing" as the distribution to install. I thought that made 
the most
sense to go with the "sarge" installer

3) I didn't get any weird error messages during the install.

Andrew Queisser
HP Corvallis

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