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Re: [ARM] bast d-i install attempt

Peter Teichmann wrote:
> >
> > Do you mind posting a log or giving some hints on what exactly
> > you did ?? I can't seem to get ABLE to even bring up an ethernet
> [...]
> I did:
> >setargs root=/dev/ram rw
> >ifconfig dm0 tftpserver
> >load (tftpboot)vmlinuz-2.4.25-bast (tftpboot)initrd.gz
> >boot

OK, so you're using a USB keyboard and VGA console ??
I was originally trying to do everything via a serial console...

However, after borrowing the USB keyboard from a nearby Apple and
using a PC to pre-copy the d-i network install kernel and initrd
images to a hard drive for ABLE to find, I have now succeeded in
getting d-i rc1 to work.

The only serious problem was that, for some reason, d-i decided to
install the kernel package for a riscstation !! After moving the
drive back to a PC and manually installing the 2.4.25-bast kernel 
the board was then able to reboot on its own and seems to be running
quite well.

> > (ABLE != much_fun_to_use)
> I think it is not too bad. Maybe the documentation is not always precise. But 
> actually it does what you expect from a firmware, and even a bit more. The 
> only annoying thing for me is that I can not use the USB keyboard with ABLE.

Yeah, maybe its not so bad, although having the source available
would make the simple command line parsing bugs a lot less annoying.

Note that although ABLE 2.01 is now available on the Simtec website, I
wouldn't recommend anyone to upgrade - the ifconfig command line parsing
now on longer generates an error, but instead static IP and tftpserver
addresses are now just ignored... (ie the dhcp client always runs even if
a static IP address is given).


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