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atlas on arm

Greetings!  Here is a piece of a post regarding difficulties compiling
atlas on arm I recently submitted to the atlas mailing list.  I'd
appreciate any thoughts.

> 4) (longer term) I've been unable to compile atlas on arm for years.
>    The rusage cpu timer is dysfunctional, and -DWALL gives
>    unrepeatable timings which can't be boiled down within tolerance.
>    The floating point performance by default is ridiculous when
>    compared to the speed of the cpu (possibly the real source of these
>    problems), and I can only surmise that in its minimal configuration
>    floating point is emulated.
>    Later generations of the cpu with
>    vector floating point instructions and respectable performance
>    appear to exist as well.  ARM chips underly (most?)  Linux pda's.
>    I'm just putting this out in case someone knows this arch, can fill
>    in the details, and suggest a possible atlas strategy for a distro
>    like Debian.  We already have the infrastructure to toggle between
>    subarch optimized builds at runtime.

Take care,
Camm Maguire			     			camm@enhanced.com
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