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Re: Bug#245893: Assistance with boost.python/arm breakage

> The easy solution is for Ben to simply change kdeedu's architecture
> line to exclude ARM.

I'm preparing a kdeedu upload now with kig scripting disabled on arm.
This should work around the FTBFS for kdeedu on arm.  Coupled with the
fact that regina-normal has never built successfully on arm (because of
this same problem), this should resolve all missing-build problems that
are keeping kdeedu and regina-normal out of testing.

The remaining blockage of course is this RC bug on boost.  It will no
longer be causing RC build failures on other packages (though
regina-normal on arm will still fail to build, but AIUI this is not RC
since it's never built on arm).  Though boost.python will still be
unusable for any 3rd-party apps that wish to include it.  Anyway, your
call. :)


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