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Re: Bug#245893: Assistance with boost.python/arm breakage

On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 10:10:27AM +1000, Ben Burton wrote:
> The Boost.Python packages are currently broken on arm (#245893).  Since
> Boost.Python is a development library, this is in fact creating FTBFS
> for kdeedu/arm and regina-normal/arm (the only two debian packages that
> use libboost-python-dev, both of which I maintain).
> I'd love to help fix this if possible -- amongst other things, this RC
> bug on libboost-python-dev is keeping both kdeedu and regina-normal out
> of testing.
> What would be great is if myself or the boost maintainers could have
> access to an arm box where we can try and pin down the problem.  Boost
> upstream has indicated their willingness to help, but they will need
> some testing from our end.
> Otherwise, if this is undesirable, might someone with an arm box be
> willing to work directly with boost upstream on this matter?

we are really unlucky with this bug, don't we? :)

i hope it will be simple to iron out once we have the arm box...

if i had the arm box i'd firstly try to see if upstream cvs has the
same problem, maybe it has been already fixed somewhere. maybe someone
with the arm could try this test for us, it would be a good step forward.

BTW, they are rolling the new 1.32 release, it would be very nice to
have this bug fix in.

upstream boost site: http://www.boost.org/
upstream cvs: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/boost co boost

i'm very short of free time, but maybe Steve is able to provide
.debs from cvs to help the arm testers, the build process is not that


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