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Assistance with boost.python/arm breakage

Hi again.

The Boost.Python packages are currently broken on arm (#245893).  Since
Boost.Python is a development library, this is in fact creating FTBFS
for kdeedu/arm and regina-normal/arm (the only two debian packages that
use libboost-python-dev, both of which I maintain).

I'd love to help fix this if possible -- amongst other things, this RC
bug on libboost-python-dev is keeping both kdeedu and regina-normal out
of testing.

What would be great is if myself or the boost maintainers could have
access to an arm box where we can try and pin down the problem.  Boost
upstream has indicated their willingness to help, but they will need
some testing from our end.

Otherwise, if this is undesirable, might someone with an arm box be
willing to work directly with boost upstream on this matter?

Please CC me, I'm not on debian-arm.

Thanks - Ben.

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