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Re: OpenOffice.org on arm

In message <20040627180450.32caf4c3.harrymc@decisions-and-designs.com.au>
          Harry <harrymc@decisions-and-designs.com.au> wrote:

> This is an uninformed question but are there resources available to allow
> you to cross compile the package or is it preferable to build packages
> natively ? I'm interested because I've lurked for a while here and read
> discussion about access to more resources to build packages. 

I've found no practical way to make this happen without significant
effort.  Scratchbox isn't really up to the challenege (install all the
needed tools in SB is hard enough), and direct cross compiling has
plenty of issues of its own.  Someone else is welcome to attempt it of

Building natively isn't that practical no, but it's the only option

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