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Re: OpenOffice.org on arm

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          Harry <harrymc@decisions-and-designs.com.au> wrote:

> OpenOffice.org webmaster has someone asking about OOo on arm. I'm guessing the
> only likely build will come from debian but I've had someone today explain that
> there are some architecture specific sections in OOo that makes each port more
> than a recompile of the debianized OOo source.
> Can anyone advise if anyone is working on the package for arm ? 

I am currently working on it.  I have it fully built and mostly sensibly
patched, but am working on what I hope will be the only coding required
for it.  The Debian maintainer is aware of my work.

One of the big issues is that it takes ~3 days to build on my 600Mhz ARM

To the best of my knowledge, the ARM pepole listed as porters on the OO
site have not worked on it for quite some years.  

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