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Re: debian-installer mechanisms

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          Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:

> Iyonix
> RiscPC
> ------
> Desktop hardware. 
> Normal keyboard, mouse, screen
> Can boot from RISCOS (linloader), floppy.
> Install from CD (IDE or SCSI), Net, HD
> Install to HD (IDE or SCSI)
> Lots of funky partitioning schemes

For most practical purposes, except actual implementation, you should
really think of these as the same, except they have different kernels.
That a RiscPC might have a SCSI interface is probably largely
incidental.  The partitiong is also identical, and probably for the
time being, I'll stick with acorn-fdisk (a) because it works and (b)
altering the stuff they have to support ADFS and various other things
is surprsingly hard.

Installing from HD in the sense I think is meant probably doesn't make
sense in most cases, but there's probably no reason to disallow it.

> Netwinder
> ---------
> Small desktop/router device
> Normal keyboard, mouse, screen (optional)
> Boot from flash, ?
> Install from CD, Net
> Install to HD

The flash on a NW contains the bootloader.  The kernel is loaded from a
filesystem by it.  For installs, you'd generally tftp a combined
kernel/ramdisk image, unless you have an obscure thing like a parallel
CD ROM drive.

> Riscstation

Again, this probably essentially the same as RiscPC/Iyonix - at least,
for a system with RISC OS on it.  If not, the situation may be a bit

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