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debian-installer mechanisms

OK, I started looking at this stuff to get my head round it and decided that
I needed to write a list of plausible install routes first for the various
subarches. A list of what media can be booted from, what media can be
installed from and what media can be installed to, as well as what is used
to control the install provides a useful basis for fettling the code.

Here's what I've come up with, but I don't really know about netwinders or
riscstations so please check this over. I'll check this in in the doc dir
once its 'about right'. 

I've also started writing build config files for the various arches and will
shortly try and build something for LART and see what goes wrong.

booting varies enormously from one arm subarch to another

Desktop hardware. 
Normal Keyboard, mouse, screen
Can boot from RISCOS (linloader), floppy, CD?, net?
Install from CD, net, HD
Install to HD

Desktop hardware. 
Normal keyboard, mouse, screen
Can boot from RISCOS (linloader), floppy.
Install from CD (IDE or SCSI), Net, HD
Install to HD (IDE or SCSI)
Lots of funky partitioning schemes

Small system - 4MB flash, 32MB RAM
Needs KSB to install debian at all - provides IDE (and ethernet on rev5)
Ethernet card provides Net (included on KSB rev5)
Serial console. LCD possible
Boot from flash (blob)
Install from HD/CF, CD, Net
Install to HD/CF, Net?

Small system - 1-8MB boot flash, 32-192MB flash, 32-64MB RAM
Serial console, LCD possible.
Boot from flash, smartmedia (with bootldr)
Install from Smartmedia, USB, CF, Net
Install to Smartmedia, flash, CF, Net?

Small desktop/router device
Normal keyboard, mouse, screen (optional)
Boot from flash, ?
Install from CD, Net
Install to HD

Desktop hardware. 
Normal keyboard, mouse, screen
Can boot from RISCOS (linloader), HD, floppy, CD?
Install from CD, Net, HD
Install to HD 

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