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Re: Debian testing/unstable on RiscPC ?

In message <200401262158.00140.mail@peter-teichmann.de>
          Peter Teichmann <mail@peter-teichmann.de> wrote:

> It is really the perl-base package. It was obviously compiled for ARM
> architecture v4, because some of its shared libraries (Glob.so, IO.so, 
> POSIX.so, Socket.so) contain lots of LDRH and STRH instructions. It can not 
> work on the RiscPC, even with Strongarm, because its memory system does not 
> support these instructions.
> Shouldn't Debian be compiled for armv3?

Well, it certainly shouldn't be compiled with those instructions
because RiscPCs are probably the most common system able to run Debian
ARM. Looks like someone's tried to be clever with compiler flags. I
recommend you file a bug report so it can be rebuilt.

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