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Re: Suggestions for how ARM Ltd could help Debian?

ext Peter Naulls wrote:
In message <3FE18CE8.4090604@nokia.com>
          Lauri Leukkunen <lauri.leukkunen@nokia.com> wrote:
ext Peter Naulls wrote:
Do they? :-)

All these I have cross compiled without incident (and many more):
XFree86, The GIMP, Dillo, knews, freeciv, and of course all the related
libraries that these imply, including GTK et al.

Umm... How do you define "without incident"? As in "zero modification to the build system"?

If it really is that easy to cross compile everything, how come there are all these ARM based build machines used to build Debian and Familiar? Wouldn't it be so much easier to just have one really fast powerpc or x86 machine doing all the work those netwinder/ipaq/etc machines have been doing all these years?

I don't doubt that your requirements may justify the project, but I do
object to the implications made by this project to someone who might be
relatively ignorant on the subject.

I'm somewhat curious to know what you mean with the implications? You make it sound like it is something bad?

regards, Lauri

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