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Re: Suggestions for how ARM Ltd could help Debian?

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          Lauri Leukkunen <lauri.leukkunen@nokia.com> wrote:

> The documentation available on scratchbox.org is a bit scarce at the
> moment, but it should be enough to guide through installation of 
> scratchbox (including setting up the ARM device for the transparent 
> execution of ARM executables). Be aware that some of the stuff that 
> scratchbox needs to do to function probably compromises your system 
> security, so don't install it on a shared computer unless you trust your 
> users.

I'm a bit concerned by the impression given by the whole scratchbox
idea, especially its rationale for existing.  I'm not saying it doesn't
have its place, but, as many people will atest to, the majority of
basic unix utilities can and do cross compile, using well defined (is
most cases, anyway) mechanisms provided by configure.

This is somewhat in contrast to the cross compilation document which
discusses the issues on the website.  I would point out I'm coming from
a position of cross compiling these utilities onto a system which isn't
even a Unix, but the solutions for cross compiling simply onto another
architecture with the same OS are much the same.

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