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Re: Suggestions for how ARM Ltd could help Debian?

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          Nicholas Clark <nick@ccl4.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 06:07:43PM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> and more details on the previous grants round is here:
> http://perl-foundation.org/index.cgi?page=grants2003 
> Such a scheme seems to be a reasonable way to avoid "unfairness" as anyone
> can apply, and projects are judged on merit (roughly value for money, "would
> it get done without a TPF grant" and suchlike)

Interesting.  Although I'm wondering how many people would be willing
and able to perform such paid development, as I think it might be
relatively small.  I'm not sure if it might be worth casting a slightly
wider net than this list.   At the risk of starting a mad dash for
ARM's money; this is the kind of work I already do much of the time,
and would be able to do paid development on improving Debian ARM.  I
suggest anyone else who is willing/able might like to speak out - or
perhaps email Wookey privately.

> > Faster build/test hardware (e.g. a couple of Iyonix boxes - 600Mhz Xscale
> > with Hard drives)? Would that help?
> I think so. My impression is that the current build daemons can get behind.
> Having 1 or 2 fast machines which can also be used by Debian developers to
> log in and investigate bugs on the ARM platform would seem to be a good
> time/money trade off - presumably currently the fastest machines are
> 1/3rd of the speed?

Although Phil told me a while ago that NetWinder(s) currently performing
autobuilding are doing reasonably well, faster machines (about 2-2.5x
in practice) would certainly help.   Since this is for non-profit
purposes, I may be able to arrange a (slight) discount on any

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