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Re: ARM for a fanless Debian X terminal

Em Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:47:09 +0100, Peter Naulls escreveu:

> I don't see any problem with either of those.  NetWinders have a
> 100Mbit interface, and Iyonix a 1GBit.

	Yes, 1Gbps is sweet!  :-)

> The items I have on that page, as I think is implied, are the only real
> desktop ARM machines.

	Actually I need no desktops -- two servers on one hand, and X
terminals on the other.  The hardware requirements are basically cost
competitive with Intel, reliability and silence; the software
requirements are basically a stable Debian port.

> Anything else are board only - this doesn't mean
> they won't be appropriate (far from it), just something to be aware of.

	Is there a listing of these?

> Part of the question is how much processing power you need, and whether
> you'd settle with an off the shelf option or not.

	Not much.  Basic desktop applications and perhaps file
sharing, for no more than 15 workstations.

> I expect that both
> Castle and Simtec could offer various 7500FE solutions, for example,
> modified to your requirements.  Simtec also offer a super small ARM9
> board (ITX form factor).

	Nice, will check.  Thanks!

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