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Re: ARM for a fanless Debian X terminal

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          Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra <lgcdutra@terra.com.br> wrote:

> 	I have a small project that may require from 7 to 12 X terminals.
> 	I thought of buying dedicated devices, but many of them have
> fans which I dread, or simply run MS WCE.
> 	My business partner thought of assembling our own with
> http://www.lex.com.tw/cv860a.htm,
> http://www.lex.com.tw/case-light.htm,
> http://www.lex.com.tw/option-wireless.htm and
> http://www.magicram.com/MicroFlash.htm.
> 	Does anyone has pointers to similar products supporting Debian
> GNU/Linux on the StrongARM (or XScale or whatever), and thus fanless?

I have created a page: http://www.chocky.org/linux/

Although all of these products do have fans, it's either only in the
PSU, or perhaps on the graphics card, and far from being a strict

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