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Re: [general] Netwinder crashes during large data transfers

On Sat, 07 Jun 2003 05:48:59 -0400
"B. Douglas Hilton" <bdhilton@charter.net> wrote:

> Peter Naulls wrote:
> > I've been using 2.5.0 for a year and a half.  Not a single crash, and
> > although I've had a number of reboots, those have been either due to
> > changes in the kernel options or loss of power.  My experience of Linux
> > on ARM hardware is that it is far more stable than on x86 (YMMV).
> > Having said that, 2.5.0 is getting on a bit, and I shall be upgrading
> > shortly.
> > 
> I agree, the Arm port is highly stable. I think my Netwinder is totally
> fantastic, it has been my firewall / webserver / router for a year and
> a half now. It is so stable that it approaches appliance status. I'm in
> the process of joining Debian, though, so I will probably begin utilizing
> it as my cross-platform development testbox again soon. Generally if I
> make something for x86, my next step is to build it on the Netwinder. If
> it passes that test then I have good confidence in my portability. I have
> found that using GNU Autotools for your make process greatly improves the
> portability of your code.
> I used to have a second `winder but I sold it to some dude from Spain. Kind
> of wish I had kept it, but thats life I guess, try not to be greedy, pass
> around the good stuff before it becomes totally useless ;-)

Hi, I am "the dude from Spain"  :-D
Netwinder is working 100% (not this machine) without a problem. It is actually the most reliable machine of my own, thanks in a great part to the Debian Doug installed ;-)
With a PCMCIA (and a math coprocessor) would be PERFECT !, Anybody working in that?


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