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Re: [general] Netwinder crashes during large data transfers

Ralph Siemsen wrote:
Are there still performance issues with 2.4.x kernels on ARM? Some times
ago I read a comparison which showed that 2.4.x kernels are much slower than

I don't think this is the case anymore.  I am using 2.4 on the
"autobuilders" which grind out RPMs, and so far there have not been any
kernel crashes or misbehaviours.

I've been running a 2.4.16-netwinder kernel for almost a year I think, with
maybe half a dozen reboots due to me screwing with something. My debian
kernel source for Netwinder is at:


Be sure to leave the trailing backslash. My Apache setup gags otherwise for
raw directory access. It should be more or less preconfigured and ready to
compile after unpacking, though you might want to "make menuconfig" and
look it over. I have it set up as about 75% monolithic, which is probably
appropriate for a Netwinder since they all have about the same hardware.

The modules are: tulip, waveartist, sound, soundcore, and a bunch of
ip_tables related firewall modules. I think I built the video4linux module
as well, but don't load it by default.

Give it a try if you want.

BTW kernel 2.4.21-rc3 for x86 is pretty sweet. It might make a good base
for a netwinder-specific patch when it goes gold.

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