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Re: [general] Netwinder crashes during large data transfers

Peter Naulls wrote:
I've been using 2.5.0 for a year and a half.  Not a single crash, and
although I've had a number of reboots, those have been either due to
changes in the kernel options or loss of power.  My experience of Linux
on ARM hardware is that it is far more stable than on x86 (YMMV).
Having said that, 2.5.0 is getting on a bit, and I shall be upgrading

I agree, the Arm port is highly stable. I think my Netwinder is totally
fantastic, it has been my firewall / webserver / router for a year and
a half now. It is so stable that it approaches appliance status. I'm in
the process of joining Debian, though, so I will probably begin utilizing
it as my cross-platform development testbox again soon. Generally if I
make something for x86, my next step is to build it on the Netwinder. If
it passes that test then I have good confidence in my portability. I have
found that using GNU Autotools for your make process greatly improves the
portability of your code.

I used to have a second `winder but I sold it to some dude from Spain. Kind
of wish I had kept it, but thats life I guess, try not to be greedy, pass
around the good stuff before it becomes totally useless ;-)

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