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new kernel-images for Woody available


Short summary: please test the Woody kernel-image.debs at

We are probably using 2.4 for the next incarnation of the
boot-floppies for ARM. Therefore we are going to build the
various kernel-image packages for that from a single source as it
is done with the i386 images. Xu's package structure gave me the
overall scheme but adjusted to ARM of course.
There are currently 5 sub archs for ARM available: lart,
netwinder, riscpc, riscstation, shark. CATS support in the
boot-floppies will be enabled eventually, so far there are some
incompatible bits which need to be fixed, but the kernel-image
for netwinder will be the one for CATS as well.

The next steps are to get the boot-floppies in a shape where CATS
and netwinder work together again and the kernel-images are
integrated and tested. Anyway, if you have an ARM computer which
runs Debian (or if not, just ar -x kernel-image.deb) and you have
some free time in your hands, go the
http://www.tron.at/debian/arm/native/ and download the
appropriate kernel-image and try to boot it if it's working.

And after that, we'll make kernel-images for unstable and hope to
get the ARM port for debian-installer working.

People to thank here are Vincent Sanders who hopefully has an AM
in the near future (and who does the b-f hacking :) and Philip
Blundell answering my question what to include/exclude in the
configs ;).

so long

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