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Re: new kernel-images for Woody available

First, I can't resist a big "hurray": xmms-mad in unstable works beautifully on ARM! Now we just need a theora plugin for ogg vorbis...

Othmar Pasteka wrote:


Short summary: please test the Woody kernel-image.debs at

Works great on my Netwinder, waveartist is in good shape, ipchains works, everything that worked before works now.

But would it be possible to have 16bpp framebuffer working too? When I "fbset -depth 16", it loads the fbcon-cfb16 module (cool, didn't know it did that), but it doesn't work, as with the current woody kernel.

There was a post to this list a good while ago from someone who got it working, but no details about how that happened...


-Adam P.

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