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Re: arm buildds


On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 12:41:37AM +0100, Wookey wrote:
> > wookey: i just read on http://www.at.debian.org/ports/arm/ that
> > you are the maintainer of the webpages. what's about some
> > cleaning up? to be honest, haven't seen anything from some of
> > these people. but maybe i lack some history here ... it's up to
> > you :).
> yeah - time for an update I think. I'll put in a little 'history' bit to
> give credit for those who did mucho porting but have now moved on. Some of
> that is now ancient history.

good plan.

> Anyone else doing debian-arm 'jobs' apart from the following which is what
> I think is happening: 
> othmar pasteka - buildd care and feeding, debussy responsible person
> james troup - buildd backup

uh, well, other way round, james troup is the main guy. i am just
doing these small things ... mostly i just happen to read debian-arm
on a regular basis.

> phil blundell - toolchain stuff and general gurudom, bootfloppies
> rod stewart  - buildd machines responsible person(?) (rameau, elara, europa)

the on site admin ... like me for debussy ...

> Wookey - docs, armlinux.org stuff, (emdebian)
> Ralph Siemsen - netwinder.org
> Is anyone foolish enough to stick their hand up and claim to be project
> lead, or are we happy without one of those now we are essentially in
> maintenance mode. I suspect the latter.

unfortunately agreed :/.

> Someone need to do an arm port of debian-installer....I'd like to, but I
> bet I'm not going to get round to it if my usual performance is anything to
> go by.

unfortunately I lack the experience/skills and the hardware :/.

> I'll add a section giving advice to people having trouble with arm builds of
> their packages, essentially saying - 'ask nicely on this list and we'll
> help'. And listing places where there are chroots to test stuff in.

make it so :).

so long

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