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Re: arm buildds

On Thu 17 Oct, Othmar Pasteka wrote:

> wookey: i just read on http://www.at.debian.org/ports/arm/ that
> you are the maintainer of the webpages. what's about some
> cleaning up? to be honest, haven't seen anything from some of
> these people. but maybe i lack some history here ... it's up to
> you :).

yeah - time for an update I think. I'll put in a little 'history' bit to
give credit for those who did mucho porting but have now moved on. Some of
that is now ancient history.

Anyone else doing debian-arm 'jobs' apart from the following which is what
I think is happening: 

othmar pasteka - buildd care and feeding, debussy responsible person
james troup - buildd backup
phil blundell - toolchain stuff and general gurudom, bootfloppies
rod stewart  - buildd machines responsible person(?) (rameau, elara, europa)
Wookey - docs, armlinux.org stuff, (emdebian)
Ralph Siemsen - netwinder.org

Is anyone foolish enough to stick their hand up and claim to be project
lead, or are we happy without one of those now we are essentially in
maintenance mode. I suspect the latter.

Someone need to do an arm port of debian-installer....I'd like to, but I
bet I'm not going to get round to it if my usual performance is anything to
go by.

I'll add a section giving advice to people having trouble with arm builds of
their packages, essentially saying - 'ask nicely on this list and we'll
help'. And listing places where there are chroots to test stuff in.

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