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arm buildds


just in case people don't know and two already asked me tonight:

the buildds are currently maintained by james troup (elmo). i'll
deal with requests which pop up on this list. so best mail here.
and if it's a tougher one it'll be forwareded to james. anything
else i'll try to solve it.
another pro is, that I might be faster in responses than elmo
which has some other important tasks in his hands as well :).

there are currently 3 buildds, rameau, elara, europa, located at some
canadian university with an internet connection which really sucks

and there is a fourth arm: debussy. some might know it already.
if you want to test/try something use this, better connected,
etc. there are currently 3 chroots (oldstable, stable,
unstable) and users are also useable in there( you have your
usual user id ;).
maybe i make a testing one as well if people feel there should be

ryan murray has some chroot scheme which he will deploy somewhen,
but dunno when. meanwhile this will be in place.

and if you have some requests for debussy mail the usual places
like debian-admin ...

wookey: i just read on http://www.at.debian.org/ports/arm/ that
you are the maintainer of the webpages. what's about some
cleaning up? to be honest, haven't seen anything from some of
these people. but maybe i lack some history here ... it's up to
you :).

so long

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