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Re: Cross-compilers i386->arm in Debian?

On Tue 01 Oct, ml wrote:
> Hi,
> a friend of mine just bought a Sharp Zaurus, and I'm
> thinking about a Zaurus or IPAQ, too.  Unfortunately, Debian
> does not fit on one of these, so I like to use Debian on a
> i386 to cross-compile some software for the arm machines.
> `apt-cache search cross compiler' shows gcc for some
> architectures, but not for arm.  I also found
> toolchain-source, but don't know whether this is the right
> package for cross-compiling.  Any hints?

You can get pre-built cross-toolchains from various places
(partial list (now no doubt somewhat out of date) here: 
http://www.aleph1.co.uk/armlinux/book/x1768.html )
or you can build your own - docs here:

But it's much easier to use the emdebian one which is debian-friendly and nicely
laid out. It's certainly my favourite.

details here:

essentially add:
    deb http://emdebian.sourceforge.net/emdebian unstable main
to your /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get install task-cross-arm

This will get put in debian-proper at some point, once someone gets
enthised enough to do it.

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