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Re: Cross-compilers i386->arm in Debian?

Good choice. I got one a couple weeks ago and while
it has some rough edges it is a nice peice of work.
I have a Netwinder, so I can do native compiles, but
haven't actually built anything for it yet.  I use
mine mostly at work for usual PDA stuff, and it works
pretty well for that, but its nice to have the linux
underbelly in case you have to whip up a program
for it. Be sure to do the firmware upgrade as it
fixes a whole lot of problems. By the way, the little
keyboard is actually really handy and an excellent
feature. It doesn't take too long to get used to it
and the keys are just spaced so if you press one with
your thumb you don't accidentally press any others.
Essential for any shell work, unless you just telnet
in via the docking cradle.

Actually, if you pop in a big 256 SD card, you could have
a minimal Debian install, but I'm just sticking with
the somewhat weird and klunky default Linux for the
short term. Right now its more a work tool for me,
in a year or so I'll be hacking away on it ;-)

There is an effort to get a minimal Debian system
running on the Zaurus: http://people.debian.org/~mdz/zaurus/

- Doug

ml wrote:

a friend of mine just bought a Sharp Zaurus, and I'm
thinking about a Zaurus or IPAQ, too.  Unfortunately, Debian
does not fit on one of these, so I like to use Debian on a
i386 to cross-compile some software for the arm machines.
`apt-cache search cross compiler' shows gcc for some
architectures, but not for arm.  I also found
toolchain-source, but don't know whether this is the right
package for cross-compiling.  Any hints?


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