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Re: Cross-compilers i386->arm in Debian?


> a friend of mine just bought a Sharp Zaurus, and I'm
> thinking about a Zaurus or IPAQ, too.  Unfortunately, Debian
> does not fit on one of these, so I like to use Debian on a
> i386 to cross-compile some software for the arm machines.
> `apt-cache search cross compiler' shows gcc for some
> architectures, but not for arm.  I also found
> toolchain-source, but don't know whether this is the right
> package for cross-compiling.  Any hints?
To build a kernel:
- get gcc and binutils sources, set them up
- cd binutils
- ./configure --target=linux-arm && make && sudo make install
- get ARM binary and -dev packages for libc and db1, run deb-cross on them
- cd gcc
- ./configure --target=linux-arm --enable-languages=c && make && sudo ...
- cd linux
- make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux- menuconfig
- make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux- dep Image modules

Install on handheld animal, boot, enjoy.

I was surprised that all of this worked rather painlessly (for my Psion
5mx-pro palmtop). Finding the correct kernel patches (most aren't in the
official kernel yet, that's the next step I'm going to help with) was
somewhat more difficult.

Most of the stuff you'll otherwise need should be available already;
I didn't yet crosscompile anything else -- dselect directly on the palmtop
found everything I needed. ;-)

Matthias Urlichs     |     noris network AG     |     http://smurf.noris.de/

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