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Cross compiling boot floppies

I've got a Risc PC which used to run potato, but having reformatted the
hard disc, I'm wanting to reinstall Debian on it.  I have a dump of the
contents of the Linux partition on another machine, so I only want to
install enough stuff to be able to run restore and restore everything from
the old partition.  So I want to install potato back onto it.

However, the machine has a RISC OS 4 partition, which the 2.2 potato boot
floppies won't touch.  I have a 2.4.16rmk2 kernel, but this doesn't like
my 2.2 root disc (complains something about not being able to init, and
suggests I supply init= to the bootloader).  So I think I need to build my
own boot floppies.

I have access to an i386 machine running potato and another running
woody.  However apt-get source boot-floppies on the woody box gives me
stuff that looks like it is going to build i386 boot floppies for me - the
make dependency checks moan about particular packages not being installed
- which I don't want, given I'm not building for i386.  Supplying
architecture=arm to make doesn't seem to help.  I have root on the
woody box but not the potato box, and would rather neither needed it if at
all possible.

So is it possible to cross compile boot floppies?


Theo Markettos                 theo@markettos.org.uk
Gonville and Caius College     theom@chiark.greenend.org.uk
Cambridge, CB2 1TA, UK         http://www.markettos.org.uk/

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