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Debian Netwinder #1 fully operational! Except...

It took a lot of late nights and some serious hacking,
but the little thing is now running 24/7 as a firewall
and router using a custom 2.4.16 kernel, iptables,
and fwbuilder.

I have X working at 1024x768-16@75, sound and
video modules present but as of yet untested. Looks
like a great little box! I have unplugged the DI-701
and am preparing to dump it on Ebay.

The fly in the ointment is charter.net, my cable
modem isp. They say I can't run servers of any
kind unless I pay US$200+ / month for a commercial
account which I way out of my league.

I wanted to make some shell accounts available for
Debian developers, but there is no way I can do that
now, they randomly filter ports and block incoming
connections. This really makes me upset, and caused
me a lot of work trying to figure out what was wrong
with my firewall when it was those #!$@ and their
undocumented port blocking that was the culprit.

So now I basically have a full-blown ready to use
developer system, which is badly needed, and this
stupid cable company will take me to court if I try
and make it available.

DSL will be a long time coming to my area. Bradford,
Pennsylvania is pretty remote from any really big
city. Until then I'm stuck. Gee I can surf the web...
but I can't run any of the stuff that the internet was
designed for!

The Netwinder may be online on an irregular basis
for testing purposes and may have files like
netwinder kernels and such available. It will be
running http on a non-standard port. To check it
use http://www.gyrodynamic.net - If it is offline
you will get a small 10MB static page, if it is online
the dns2go service will set your port correctly.


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