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Re: Bug#139043: [ARM] Please mention conflict with "noinitrd" boot option

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> >You probably do not want the 'netconfig_eth0 flash' set in the firmware
> >with save-all.
> >
> Really?  I haven't had it interfere with my setup with save-all.  What
> kinds of problems can it cause?  Is it just that the network gets
> configured twice, once by the NeTTrom and once by the OS?

Well, no it won't/shouldn't interfere with anything.  The only thing is
it will polute your /proc/cmdline.  The network doesn't get configured
twice, it is usually silently ignored.

> >I forget the exact commands for booting via dhcp, but 'boot diskless' will
> >work, provided you dhcp server is setup to send all the info which the
> >NeTTrom wants.  'load diskless' should work as well, without doing the
> >boot, although there was a bug in it in the past which may be fixed in
> >2.3.3.
> >
> So this "boot diskless" can be done regardless of all of the other
> environment variable settings, provided a DHCP server exists on the
> subnet?  Is any extra info needed from the DHCP server, aside from the
> standard address, netmask, gateway and nameserver?

Yup, you want your /etc/dhcpd.conf to look similar to the following.
Although the domain-name is ignored, and you most likely do not want
the routers part.  The format for 'root-path' is NeTTrom specific.

subnet netmask {
 	default-lease-time 120;
 	max-lease-time 120;

 	option subnet-mask;
 	option routers;
 	option domain-name "netwinder.org";
 	option broadcast-address;

 	server-name "";
 	filename "vmlinux_vnc.rev4";
 	option root-path "";


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