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Re: Netwinder stuck in 8pp color w/ Debian kernel 2.4.16 - more...

Ok, it was the kernel. I got a successfull build of the 2.4.16
kernel with make-kpkg and now I have X in 1024x768-16bpp@75Hz!

I can make it available if anybody wants to play with it. It
is in "deb" format. I did not include the parallel port ide
or scsi driver support, but otherwise it has all the options
for the Netwinder hardware.

BTW, something is wrong with my email, I think Mail.com
is starting to charge for email forwarding, so I may lose my
spiffy engineer.com address :-(   Oh well,once Netwinder
is working I'll just use my own domain: gyrodynamic.net

In the meantime please CC me any replies to:

Anyways, fbset works just fine on this thing with the exception
that I cannot seem to change color depth to anything beyond
8bpp. Perhaps the debian kernel was only compiled for 8bpp?

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