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Re: Which Debian package contains flashwrite?

[Ralph Siemsen]

> I've sent you a copy of flashwrite, which is GPLed.

Thank you.  Very much.

The header nwflash.h was missing, but I was able to find the required
defines in the nwutil source (logoflash/flashlogo.h had the same
defines, I assume the values are the same. :-).

  #define CMD_WRITE_ENABLE 0x28
  #define CMD_WRITE_BASE64K_ENABLE 0x47

Would it be OK to include flashwrite.c in the Debian package nwutil?
I suggest calling it nwflashwrite to avoid a possible name conflict.

> The rest of the firmware is on our FTP server in
> pub/netwinder/firmware, beware it is not in good shape, and its not
> distributable unless we negotiate a deal with the owners of the IP.
> The firmware is finicky to build, and I hope someday to replace it
> with a clean version (pet project).

Sounds like the smart way to handle flash upgrades.  I used to work on
a robot controller called Eyebot, and it could upgrade the operating
system in flash using a serial cable.  (The OS images had checksums
included to make sure the upload was OK. :-)

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