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Netwinder and ext3 confusion

I have an ARM netwinder running debian woody. The root (and only fs),
/dev/hda1, is an ext3 fs. Everything was working nicely until I had to
hard reboot the machine (read - power cycle it). Now, the netwinder
flash rom won't boot to /dev/hda1 because it says it can't find a valid
ext2 filesystem. I imagine this is because the ext3 fs is dirty, but it
still should look like an ext2 fs to the boot rom. Has anyone ran into
this kind of behavior before, or know of some way around this? I booted
with a tftp boot image and nfs filesystem and tried mounting /dev/hda1
as an ext2 but it said it couldn't find a valid superblock. Is there an
image out there that I can download, throw on a NFS server and boot with
that understands ext3 so I can fsck it? Thanks!

-Ti Leggett

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