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Re: Netwinder and ext3 confusion

I had exactly the same experience. I couldn't fix it so I had to
reinstall. This time I didn't make the root filesystem ext3. I would
like to know if there is a safe way to use ext3 on netwinder.

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 09:45:41PM -0600, Ti Leggett wrote:
> I have an ARM netwinder running debian woody. The root (and only fs),
> /dev/hda1, is an ext3 fs. Everything was working nicely until I had to
> hard reboot the machine (read - power cycle it). Now, the netwinder
> flash rom won't boot to /dev/hda1 because it says it can't find a valid
> ext2 filesystem. I imagine this is because the ext3 fs is dirty, but it
> still should look like an ext2 fs to the boot rom. Has anyone ran into
> this kind of behavior before, or know of some way around this? I booted
> with a tftp boot image and nfs filesystem and tried mounting /dev/hda1
> as an ext2 but it said it couldn't find a valid superblock. Is there an
> image out there that I can download, throw on a NFS server and boot with
> that understands ext3 so I can fsck it? Thanks!

Ron Golan
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