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Re: details on lde failed compilation

>The problem seems to be that on arm the kernel-source file asm/bitops.h is
>needed for the bit_test function. USE_KERNEL_BITOPS should be set in
>bitops.h for ARM, but the configure test for 'asm/bitops.h with useable
>setbit' is failing. Now there _is_ a useable setbit in
>linux/include/asm/bitops.h at least on recent kernels,

Umm, actually, I don't think that's true.

Even if there were a setbit() that worked in <asm/bitops.h>, lde has no
business using it.  Application programs shouldn't be using kernel headers
like that.

Lde really needs to provide its own version of any of these functions that
it needs, or find some library that supplies them.


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