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details on lde failed compilation

Hi - I took a look at this (as part of a drive to fix as many broken-on-arm
packaged as possible for woody).

The problem seems to be that on arm the kernel-source file asm/bitops.h is
needed for the bit_test function. USE_KERNEL_BITOPS should be set in
bitops.h for ARM, but the configure test for 'asm/bitops.h with useable
setbit' is failing. Now there _is_ a useable setbit in
linux/include/asm/bitops.h at least on recent kernels, but I'm not quite sure
why configure is not finding/liking it (I'm not very good at this autoconf

I wonder if the problem is that nowhere in the build does it specify the
directory to include for the kernel source. Also the control file does not
say that the build depends on having the kernel sources present (at least for
ARM and POWERPC archs). maybe that would fix it.

Hope that helps you get to the bottom of this.

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