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Re: What's the status on Xfree86 4.1.0?

Philip Blundell wrote:

D'oh! I was trying to build under 2.2.19, which is known to cause problems with fakeroot.

I didn't know that. Does anybody know what's actually wrong with it? I've actually just switched the default install kernel for woody back to 2.2.19 from 2.4.5 because the latter didn't seem especially stable either.

I'll have a go at building a 2.4.9 or so and see if that's any better.


Yeah, http://bugs.debian.org/85715 . Pretty involved, and unfortunately, most of the posts on it went directly between myself and Joost Witteveen, the author, without ccing the bug. I had to give him an account on a Netwinder.

Oh wait, I seem to have it backwards, it worked under 2.2.13 but not 2.3.99-pre8. But I've been able to build packages just fine with more recent kernels...

I'm afraid I don't have too much time to try it under multiple kernels, so someone else will have to investigate. If 2.4.5 makes X build (won't know until tomorrow morning), I'll report that.


-Adam P.

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