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Re: What's the status on Xfree86 4.1.0?

>How would I start debugging this? Get the source on my arm and compile, wait
>till if fails and try and figure out how to fix it then send you the patch?

Pretty much.  But, since it's only the MANIFEST check that failed, it's 
actually easier than that.

All that MANIFEST does is ensures that the list of files installed by X match 
what it was expecting.  The buildd log will show you what the differences are, 
so all you actually need to do is look them over to make sure they're 
reasonable, edit MANIFEST appropriately, then check that the build now 
completes without error.  If it does, upload the .debs and send the new 
MANIFEST to debian-x so Branden can include it in the next revision of the 


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