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ARM autobuilder problems

HI ARM folks,

I tried emailing the official ARM autobuilder contact listed:

But I just got the bounce notification back. Hopefully, there is someone
else on the list who can do something about this. I really need someone's
help with this, so my package can make it into "testing" in a timely
manner.  Please note I am not subscribed to debian-arm.

Here is essentially what I tried to email to Chris:


ajt emailed me that an autobuild of my 'kdrill' package died because
the autobuilder did not automatically install "dh_testdir" for build
He mentioned that the autobuilder is supposed to autodetect a dependancy
on debhelper (if there is no Build-Depends control line), so this can be
viewed as a bug in the autobuilder.
However, he didnt say that HE was going to do something about it. 
[I guess that means autobuilders are not standardised across platforms?]

Since you are the maintainer of the ARM autobuilder... are you the person
who should do something about it?

Once again, I am not subscribed to debian-arm.
Could the appropriate "second in command" for ARM builds, or someone with
the power to do something about it, please email me, so I can get 
"kdrill-5.10-4" built under ARM.
I'd built it myself, but there are no "testing" ARM based machines
publically available.

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