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Re: ARM autobuilder problems

In message <20010313073959.A11602@bolthole.com>, phil@bolthole.com writes:
>He mentioned that the autobuilder is supposed to autodetect a dependancy
>on debhelper (if there is no Build-Depends control line), so this can be
>viewed as a bug in the autobuilder.

Yes, I saw Anthony's mail about that last week.  I wasn't aware that the 
autobuilder (presumably sbuild) was supposed to infer that kind of dependency 
automatically, and I haven't had a chance to investigate it yet.

>the power to do something about it, please email me, so I can get 
>"kdrill-5.10-4" built under ARM.

Actually, kdrill 5.10-4 has been built for some time.  Something went wrong 
with the generation of the changes file which has prevented its being uploaded 
until now.  I'll try to get around to doing that by hand this evening.


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