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Re: build daemons stopped

Philip Blundell writes:
>I've turned off the build daemons temporarily while I try to move the 
>wanna-build database from medusa to inkvine. 

Thanks to Ryan Murray and James Troup, the database has now been migrated to 
auric.  This should bring a noticeable performance improvement in building, as 
well as a general reduction in medusa's state of overloadedness.

I've reconfigured the buildd on medusa to access this new database.  It seems 
to be working OK so far but I'll keep an eye on it over the course of the day.
If no problems emerge I'll give europa the same treatment this evening or 
tomorrow.  I don't plan to reinstate the autobuilder on mill; instead I'll 
create a stable chroot environment on medusa and run the potato buildd in 
there.  This will probably take a day or so longer.


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