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Re: ARM port rearrangements

We (Brainfood) have previously offered to host arm boxen. (We allready
host lully, master, murphy, kubrick, and various other debian boxes.) I
need my arm box for other work currently so somebody would have to send us
an arm box. I'm quite familiar with arm and we have two debian developers
on staff allready as well as several other admins...

   Eric Molitor

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Wookey wrote:

> Hello people,
> Due to the untimely demise of Chris Rutter we are now short of an ARM port
> leader, and need to do things about the ARM infrastrucutre in the reasonably
> short term.
> Fortunately the distributed nature of Debian is resistant to this sort of
> disaster so things are basically still working fine. As, in practice, Phil
> Blundell has been doing a great deal of the work recently then I suggest that
> unless he disagrees violently, or someone else is keen to get the title, that
> he becomes de facto leader. (This makes no practical difference except that I
> update the ARM port page to this effect shortly and we all have to buy him
> beer if we meet in the flesh.)
> Sorting out the build machines is slightly more complicated. Currently the
> machines medusa (a RiscPC, owned by chris) and inkvine (an x86 box, owned by
> the school) do most of the work. These boxes are both located at Winchester
> college (chris's old school) and got bandwidth for free. Ths arrangement was
> becoming increasingly tenuous anyway but now clearly ceases to be pratical.
> It's not in immediate danger of closure, but at some point we need to run
> this stuff on machines we have some control over.
> So, we are now casting about for resources to keep things going smoothly.
> Anyone want to offer bandwidth/co-location space, hardware etc? Essentially
> transferring the existing setup to new hosts is the path of least resistance.
> If we find out what's available we can work out how best to proceed. I
> suspect hardware isn't a problem - we need bandwidth and a keen
> webmaster/maintainer would be handy too.
> Wookey
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