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Re: Many broken build-depends

Philip Blundell wrote:

> Peter Naulls wrote:
> >So it would seem, and this isn't news to some, that a great many ARM
> >packages are "broken" due to lack of build-depends - most of these have
> >been reported of course, or have had long standing reports from other
> >ports about them.  What can we do to pressure the parties involved?
> Not a great deal, I suspect.  I think you would be within your rights to file
> bugs about missing dependencies as "serious" or "important", which should
> prevent the packages going into testing and hence provide a bit more
> motivation for the maintainers to fix the problem.

Indeed.  Ben Collins just upgraded one of my wishlist Build-Depends bugs to
serious.  This is only for arches scheduled to release which definitely includes
ARM and not hurd-i386, not sure about ia64, mips, hppa though.


-Adam P.

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