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Re: boot-floppies status

On Tue 13 Feb, Philip Blundell wrote:
> L.S.
> I think the code currently in the potato CVS tree should be consistent and 
> relatively functional now.  At least, you should be able to say `make
> release'  and get some binaries out.  Some notes:

>  - for riscpc, you need the new console-data package from my directory on
> inkvine

you'll also want the updated util-linux and debianutils packages chris did
(in the armlinux.org debain tree), and I've got an i18ndata package specific
to arm here that I can't remember where it came from or why it might have
been important....

I'll give these a go on some riscPCs here soon, and compare the CVS patch
status with my tree here to merge in anything still missing.

good job.

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