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boot-floppies status


I think the code currently in the potato CVS tree should be consistent and 
relatively functional now.  At least, you should be able to say `make release' 
and get some binaries out.  Some notes:

 - you need 2.2.18-rmk1 kernel-images available for both riscpc and netwinder.
 - for riscpc, you need the new console-data package from my directory on inkvine
 - the NetWinder won't boot with these images.  I refuse to include NFS-root 
support in kernel-image just to pander to NeTTrom's feature-paucity; we will 
have to come up with some kind of kernel post-futzing utility to splice in an 
initrd, the same way the CATS does it.  Which, in fact, should allow us to 
demote tulip.o back to module status (hurrah!)
 - the CATS won't install a bootable kernel during the first stage.  The 
`catsboot' program that would allow this depends on GNU ld, which is a bit on 
the large side to ship in root.bin.  So it needs rewriting as a standalone 
program, rather than a script.  This shouldn't be disaster as you can boot 
from the install kernel again with a different `root=' argument.
 - riscpc status is completely unknown
 - shark isn't really supported at all; same for other platforms
 - err...
 - that's it

Share and enjoy.


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